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Its no secret that the Summer season is coming to an end. School is back in session & most of us are done with vacation season & back to our regular schedules. Today I’m joining other amazing bloggers who are each sharing all of their Fall ideas with you as well. Thank You to Tracy over on Tracy’s Haven for sharing her Summer to Fall She Shed today with us on her blog. You don’t want to miss out on her post. If you are here from Tracy’s Haven, Thank you so much for being here. More bloggers & Fall inspiration at the end of this post.

Its also that time of year we are going to be approaching the cozy seasons. The Autumn season is a beautiful time of year. The days will soon be getting shorter & the days will start to get cooler. Each season triggers things that remind me of Fall : Cozy sweaters, Pumpkins, nights by the fireplace, hot drinks & of course Fall Decor!!!!!

Today I’m going to share with you 5 very simple ways to transition your home from Summer to Fall without lots of work. I’m all about keeping things simple & easy. So let me dive right in! Ohhh grab some coffee. I will be right here waiting for you 🙂

Start from Scratch

Okay first thing is first. Go thru your entire house & put away everything that you feel reminds you Summer. Walk around and gather everything you used to decorate for the Summer season. Next, this helps so much, have bins ready to store all of your items. I love to get big bins at Costo or Walmart. This will help you keep all your seasonal decor organized.

Lay all your current Fall items out

I love to go through my seasonal bins & seriously when I’m looking thru them its like Christmas day (LOL) all over again. I honestly have a hard time remembering what I bought last year when it comes to seasonal decor. I mean you use them once a year so I hope I’m not alone in this. I don’t want to go out and buy an item something like a wreath, pillow cases, candles etc. without looking to check out my current inventory. So save yourself some time & money & spend some time looking at last years Fall decor. Then when you are ready to shop, you will know exactly what you have & need!

Change out your Florals

My favorite place to buy Fall stems is Hobby Lobby . They have theirs on sale every other week. They have a big variety & tons to choose from. They also carry dried florals too. It is so easy to change out your Summer florals to Fall !!! It instantly changes a space of an entire room. What are your favorite Fall colors to decorate with? Tell me in comments

Pillow Covers

This is one of my all time favorites. Changing out pillow covers for any season. I have found that the most affordable options for pillow covers is Ikea , H&M, & Amazon. Be sure to check those out. You will find such a variety & the prices are so affordable.

Swap out your Duvet

This is also so much fun to change from time to time. I love how something so simple can have a dramatic impact to the bedroom space. I don’t think I will ever stop mentioning Ikea!!! Check out the one i currently have on our bed here. They have such great quality duvet covers . You can also check out H& M. They too carry a wide selection & so much cheaper than other retailers.

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