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Hey friends, I hope your having an amazing start to your new week. If you have been following me along on Instagram, then you that we have been working on our bathroom renovation for quite sometime. I know you have been waiting patiently for this reveal. Thanks for being patient!!! Your a trooper!

Today, I’m really excited to finally share the entire process with you & most excited to show you the reveal.

Bathtub Before

For this entire process I used both products that are out there : the spray on & the roll on option. I loved using both kinds. I found that the spray on option was really great for the bathtub. It was so easy to apply. I did try to use this on the tile but quickly that this method was going take forrrreverrr!. I used an entire spray can and I barely noticed a difference on our tile. I knew that I would need to go thru lots of spray cans to finish (ummmm no thanks) . Thankfully, I decided to go with the roll on paint option & it was a game changer.

I love how it turned out!  Its so exciting to see the before & after’s. There are so many products out there that you can buy, do yourself, help you save money & make your home look beautiful! Here is an article that you will find helpful to inform you on the average cost of replacing a bathtub & surround. Its nice to have a budget friendly option , especially if its not something you’re not ready to replace.

I’m going to share steps & also things I learned to save you some frustration if you are considering to do this! Here is a before :

Use Painters Tape to cover Bathtub Fixtures

Kit Options

I want to mention that we used 2 separate kits. There are two kinds you can use that are on the market. They are spray on or the paint roll on. The spray can kit I found, was so convenient to use on our bathtub. It was so easy to apply. Tip: After it dries & you feel an area that isn’t smooth, take a very light sandpaper & sand it lightly before you apply a second coat.

The other type you will find is the roll on, which is like painting a wall. The roll on kit I used for the tile.  I went with white, but they have a few other color options.  It’s a two-part epoxy product that mixes together for a simple, paint on application.  The kit says it includes enough for two coats.

Things to do before starting

  • Buy 2 sets of each kit (you can always return if you don’t use)
  • Get a new roller cover for each coat (I used 3 Small)
  • Use small paint brush for all the areas the roller didn’t get
  • I did a total of 3 coats on the Tile
  • I used 4 cans for the tub
  • Cover all the bathtub fixtures
  • Seal off the room as best you can.  Open windows, close the doors and stuff a towel under the door to prevent the fumes from spreading to the rest of the house.
  • Use a respirator so you don’t inhale the fumes. It is very strong .
  • Do it early in the day so you have enough time for it to dry & do a recoat. Paint is good for a time frame. Read kit instructions.
  • Clean up any runs or drips right away because they will set quickly. I used a wet wipe and just did a slight dab.
  • Read ALL the instructions before starting!! So important

Products Used

Homax Tough as Tile Refinishing kit – I bought the spray on option at Home Depot. The kit comes in a set of 2 spray cans. This should be enough for a standard tub but just buy another, just incase. This I got in white.

Magic Tub & Tile Refinishing Kit – I bought that in the roll on option at Home Depot. I went with white, but they have a few other color options.  It’s a two-part epoxy product that mixes together for a simple, paint on application.  The kit says it includes enough for two coats on a standard tub and surround. 


Each kit includes instructions with a list of required supplies. Most of the supplies come with the kit, but some you have to get yourself. Here is the list of the steps you will do :

Step 1. Clean & prep the surface

Step 2. Mask off area

Step 3. Application

Step 4. Final Cure & Use

Step 5. Seal everything w/ Grout & Tile Sealer ( I used the 24 FL. OZ)

All the instructions for each step are included in the kits. Make sure you follow the steps to avoid any problems.

Remove Caulk
Mix paint with Activator
Use a Roller to Paint
Tile Sealer


  • The kit ( Spray on for Tub & Roll on for the tile )
  • A mask – Again, the fumes are strong so consider investing into one specifically for paint fumes.
  • Gloves – disposable is fine
  • Safety glasses -I would recommend wearing them.  My eyes ended up burning a little from the fumes.
  • Painters Tape – I used Frog Tape
  • Abrasive cleaner (like Comet) to make sure the surface is free of debris.
  • A fine bristle paint brush. The roller couldn’t get everything, especially where the tub curves.  It’s also helpful for cutting in around the edges.
  • Paint tray

Some Helpful Tips

  • Warning: The fumes are really strong!  You will definitely want to wear a full mask chemical respirator. and start early in the day so that it has time to air out before you go to bed. I would also recommend doing this project when it’s cool enough to leave your windows open all day.  You’ll definitely need the good ventilation.
  • Tape around the tub to make sure you don’t get any product on the drywall or on the floor
  • Sand away any peeling paint and repair any chips in the existing surface of the tub (I didn’t need to do this, but they recommend it as a first step as necessary)
  • Scrub surface with an abrasive cleaner like Comet
  • wipe surface clean
  • Prep surface with an abrasive pad and Lime-A-Way. Rinse and repeat if necessary
  • Remove all caulk
  • Sand surface really well.  You want to get rid of any varnish or glaze the tub/tile has so that the product is able to adhere
  • Rinse away any residue.
  • Allow surface to dry
  • Go over the surface with a tack cloth to get rid of any leftover
  • Seal everything w/ Tile sealer. I poured a 24 Fl. OZ bottle into a disposable container. I used gloves & used a white cloth to cover the entire surface. Let it dry and redo the process again. Read the bottle instructions to be sure you don’t miss anything.


If you are considering this option:

Bathtub refinishing is worth the money if your tub is in good working condition. The Tub/Tile can remove surface imperfections, like scratches, change the color and stains. If your tub is old, leaking, or full of mold, then you might need to invest into a brand new one.

If you find yourself second guessing, here is an article I found helpful & will answer some questions that you might have.

Feel free to leave me any questions or thoughts in comments!!!!I’d love to hear from you and answer any!!!!!!!

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