About Us

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Hi! I’m Cynthia. Welcome to Vintage and Grace Living. I LOVE decorating on the cheap! I am so thrilled you are here!

I am a wife & SAHM of 4 , who has always enjoyed decorating her home. Four years ago, we bought our first home. This was so exciting for us because it finally became a place that we owned. I started this blog because I wanted to share all of our home projects with all of you here.

Creative since I was young – During my childhood, I lived in a one bedroom apartment with my mom, dad, and two siblings. I had a small corner of that bedroom were I would sleep every night and to this day I still recall loving to decorate it. It allowed me to get creative. I remember making a wall by using an old bed sheet for privacy. I still giggle at this!

I did not grow up with lots of money. My father worked very hard to make ends meet, even to the point of having two jobs. I am so grateful for this because it allowed my creativity to flourish. It made me think outside the box in any situations of my life.

I am passionate about helping others turn their houses into a beautiful homes without breaking their wallets. Staying home for my family is so rewarding but also means a lot of financial sacrifice. I find ways to decorate our home and take on home projects that are an inexpensive solution. I also love to find ways to cut cost with home renovation projects.

I hope help you too and inspire you to make your home your own and making it truly beautiful!

Thank you so much for being here,