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Hey Friends.  I hope you are having a wonderful week so far.  I wanted to share with all of you 5 easy ways to help give your bedroom a refresh without having to be a major home project.  Here are 5 ways to give any bedroom a beautiful fresh new feel!


I believe that paint does wonders.  I love to use paint as an easy cheap way to give anything a fresh new look.  This goes including furniture pieces.  Our bedroom wall was a light yellow color.  The ceiling was a bright white.  It also had crown molding.  I loved how it looked.  So I went ahead and found a very similar white that would just bring the whole room together.

Paint your Window Trim

If you have wood window trim, I would highly recommend to paint it.  Our bedroom has two small windows and the trim around the window was all wood.  I wanted to feel more airy and bright so I went ahead and painted the window trim.  It was a small area but let me tell you, it made a huge difference. Its little things such as this that I love.  They create such a change.

Paint your floor

The wood floors were a light yellow color.  Since we had already painted our wood floors in the main living area, we just went ahead and painted our floors the same color using the same technique.  And after this I was obsessed!

Update your light fixture

Let me tell you a little secret?  Facebook Marketplace is your source for finding vintage light fixtures or any style of light fixtures.  I have bought four Vintage Chandeliers from Marketplace and at a cheap price.  Definitely way cheaper than retail or ETSY.   I paid $75 for this one.  I love to mix new and old together in my decor.  I wanted to give our room and Old Vintage Farmhouse feel.  Adding a Vintage Chandelier did just that.  So look on Marketplace for the perfect lighting that is your home style.

Freshen up the door

I was going to paint our old hollow wood door.  The thing was that our whole second floor had old wood hollow doors.  After several years of living in our house, we went ahead and ordered our doors from Home Depot.  Here is an article to help you enhance the look of an old hollow door and don’t want to invest in a new one.

Add Wallpaper

For quite some time I have been seeing the comeback of Wallpaper in the home decor world.  I really wanted to give our bedroom an old bedroom feel so I thought adding Vintage Wallpaper would be a perfect addition to our room. Below is the one we choose for an accent wall:

  I wanted a Wallpaper that was easy to place and easy to remove if I change my mind in the future.  There are different types of wallpaper and techniques that are used depending of which kind you go with.  I found a perfect article for you here if you have been considering Wallpaper in any rooms.

Just like paint color, picking a wallpaper is just as hard.  There are so many beautiful designs.  Here are some that I love how they look in each room!

Enjoy your bedroom

I hope you have found this post helpful. I love to share with you easy ways to update any space without making it a huge remodel process. Tell me below in comments what are some things you would love to change in your bedroom. Until next time friend!




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