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I love celebrating patriotic holidays. I enjoy taking time to honor those that have served our country, spending time with family, & let me not forget – a 3 day weekend! Whooo Hooooo! It’s also the perfect holiday to kickoff summer and what better way to celebrate than being outdoors! (obviously weather permitting).

Today I’m joining 2 amazing bloggers & they are each sharing 4th of July ideas with you today. Be sure to pay them a visit after this blog post.

Memorial Day Al Fresco

I put together this simple small outdoor dinning space. I thought is was a cute little setup for both Memorial Day and/or 4th of July. The red, white & blue theme can used for any Patriotic holiday or even all throughout the summer season.

Memorial Day Table Vignette

Getting the patriotic decor out gets me excited for the upcoming festivities that come with the Summer season!  Backyard BBQ’s, outdoor picnics, festivals, vacations, swimming, outdoor walks, and lots and lots of ice cream!!!! What do you look forward to doing during the Summer?

Choose your table & chairs

We have a fairly small yard. I love to use almost every space in our garden during the Summer. I decided to set up a small sitting area for the Summer in our backyard. I saw this bistro table last year at Target & passed it up. This year, I was surprised to see it back & so I decided to go ahead and buy it. This little table is perfect for some outdoor computer during the summer. Anyway, I decided to start Memorial day decor in my house by setting up an outdoor little dinning area.

Outdoor Patriotic Table Setup Idea

Flag Banner & Flag Decor

I love Walmart. I find some amazing home items every time I go in there. My favorite line for home decor is their Better Homes & Garden. I am obsessed with this Summer outdoor patio collection. Its so good! I saw lots of patriotic decor as well. I came across this 12 foot flag garland & a 4 small flag package. I thought it would make the perfect Memorial day backdrop for the outdoor dinning space.

Floral Centerpiece

Okay, if you follow me over on Instagram this won’t surprised you 🙂 I love this time of year. I love to see trees with beautiful blooms and so many flowers starting to appear everywhere. My neighbor has the most gorgeous Hydrangea tree in his backyard. So I decided to walk myself right over to his front door & ask him if he would sell me some clippings hahahahhaha . He didn’t even know what flowers I was talking about. I had to walk him to his backyard to show him which floral stems I was talking about. he was so kind and this is basically how I came about this beautiful floral centerpiece. I decided to stick 3 small flags and there you go… makes it perfect for any patriotic holiday bouquet!

Patriotic Floral Centerpiece

Set Up

I place a plate setting for 2. I used Ikea blue and white table napkins. They added the perfect touch with their blue and white pattern. I also stopped by Trader Joe’s & picked up this perfect patriotic sparkling water bottle.

I hope you enjoyed this simple outdoor dinning setup for your garden or patio! Have a wonderful 4th of July.

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