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Hey beautiful friends.  I have been looking forward to sharing with you all .  I have to say it was so fun to see the finished project.  Deconstructed sofas have become really popular in the Farmhouse Decor world.  Look at how beautiful they are!!!

A while back I stopped at a local thrift store and happened to find the perfect antique sofa.  When i first saw it, I knew immediately that it was the right one to try this too.  It was also in our budget since we were not ready to buy a brand new one from a furniture store.

I really had no idea where to begin with this project.  I had done some reading on what others had to say on this project.  All I basically got was to be prepared to remove a lot of staples.  Funny!  If you are considering trying this , I suggest you buy yourself a heavy duty staple remover.  I got mine from Amazon.  I also got all my tools that I needed such as plyers, sciccors, Flathead screwdriver,  gloves, razor blade, and of course , a lot of determination to get it done!

The first thing I did was remove the cushion cover.  This was the easy part because it was a zipper cover.  the next thing was getting the fabric removed.  I started around the perimeter of the wood frame.  I used mostly the flathead screwdriver to help with lifting up the staples from the wood.  I also used my staple remover.  I found that I would alternate with these two tools.  I also used the pliers to help with some of the staples that did not come off easily.

Be prepared to to a lot of pulling and yanking of the fabric.  It takes a lot of this for this whole process.  This can get messy very quickly so before you get started, I suggest you place a big plastic covering or an old sheet under the sofa to collect all the debris and staples.  Ohhh and a lot of garbage bags lol.

Once I got all the fabric removed, I didn’t do anything else to it.  If you find that the batting is smelly and really old , you can replace it with new one.  JoAnn Fabric carries this so you might want to check out.  This old couch did not have any it just had a wierd fabric over it.  So I left the fabric that I found underneath and just covered over it.  Don’t worry about it looking so perfect.  The deconstructed look is just that “Not a perfect Sofa ” yet it still looks beautiful.

Now you might be surprised when I tell you what I decided to use a my fabric?! Ready? Drop Cloth!  Yes, I bought the drop cloth at Lowes.  I have bought other drop cloths from other places and I just seem to always  go back to the Lowes brand.  I find that they are softer and easily bleach to a lighter color.    I Bought two packages of the 9 by 12 size.  I soaked them in bleach and water for 4 hours because I wanted to get a lighter look of the canvas.  then, I washed and dried.

It felt so good to get started in the final stage of this project.  I cut each piece of fabric and made sure that i left enough room for tucking in between the wood areas where the fabric had to be tucked into .  Make sure you divide the sofa into sections and begin to staple the fabric one section at a time.  I used a staple gun that was attached to a compressor.

This project took several weekends to complete.  I hope you try this!!!