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I think this was one of my favorite DIY’s yet. We recently redid our entire bathroom. In case you missed the reveal, you will definitely want to check it out here. I love easy & budget friendly upgrades. I always have to step back ,stare at a space & come up with creative, easy solutions to transform a space.

Our old bathroom floor is a ceramic tile was is in great condition. The only thing that I didn’t care for was that it was quite plain & boring. I wanted to add some character to it without having to replace.

I wanted to add a pattern to it similar to the tile in our powder room up. You can see it up above. I immediately thought of using a stencil so I decided to give it a try. The floor space in there is not that big so the stenciling would be quite easy.

Prime your Floor

The first thing I did was clean the surface very well. Then, I applied two coats of paint primer. Here you can see when I started to apply the primer the difference between the original floor vs with primer.

Use Patio & Porch Paint

Next, I painted over the primed tile floor after it was dried. I love to use the Behr paint brand. You can have it tinted to whatever color you like. I use the color Swiss Coffee from Behr or Tapestry from Valspar.

Pick your Stencil

The stencil I picked was a very simple pattern. I wanted it to resemble a flower pattern. I had seen some gorgeous daisy pattern tile at Home Depot. I used that to help me pick out something close to that pattern. I found mine thru Walmart! There are so many out there. Here are some other options for you to choose from.

I do want to say that the pattern I picked seem like it was going to look too busy for a small space. After I was all done with using the stencil all throughout the floor tile, I thought it looked overly busy. I was so sad at this point because I just wanted to finish this bathroom already ( after 5 months)! So I had to come up with a quick solution. Here is a before of our bathroom & tile.

I did! I decided to instead of painting each cut out in the stencil pattern , I would do every other. I loved it!!! It turned out so much better. It was not too busy and yet just enough to make an impact.

Stencil Supplies

  1. Brushes- for this pattern, I used a medium stencil size
  2. One pint of paint for pattern
  3. Masking Tape
  4. Old cloth ( for dabbing the brush)
  5. Paint Roller ( use only for large patterns)
  6. Seal with Water Based Polyurethane

Start Stenciling

  1. Position your stencil ( use masking tape to keep it from moving)
  2. Dip your brush into the paint & then dab the excess into the old cloth or towel.
  3. Apply the paint to the stencil opening

Some tips

The most important thing is to not over use a lot of paint when you are painting over the design. Overcoating your brush will make the paint run under the stencil. Here’s another great tip: after you are done using the stencil for one area, make sure you clean off the back to make sure its paint free. Use a cloth to wipe down the back of the stencil after each use. You don’t want to lay without wiping because if you forget will have unwanted paint when you reposition it onto your floor.