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I am so happy to finally share with you our most recent DIY project with you today. I am so happy you are here! I hope you are having a wonderful Summer so far. I wanted to get this blog post out to you during the Summer time while the weather is still perfect for you to still paint the exterior of your home if it’s something you have been considering.

We managed to get everything finished over an entire 2 full weekends. I will share tips & our entire process on this post! If you have any questions for me , be sure to leave them in comments.

I do want to share that this DIY project would have taken way longer if we didn’t have my sister & brother in law help us out. This is the perfect time to call some friends or family to help you & save time & money! You can make it a fun social event. Its a great way to spend time together, enjoy some nice takeout meals , & laugh by seeing who can paint the most in less time. Honestly, I think my sister & I out beat the men ( laughing 🙂 )


Pick Your House Paint Colors

Buy and try paint samples before you invest in gallons of paint.  Use your paint samples to paint various areas of your home. We painted the brick & siding. We ended up choosing 2 paint colors & finishes. We still need to paint the trim but we are going to tackle that next Spring. I think I’m going to take a long break from painting Can you blame me?

Picking the line of paint was so easy for us. I have meet so many amazing local friends from Instagram. I’d love to have you join me over there. My dear friend Cait from @themansardcottage was doing the same thing to her exterior just around the same time we decided to start ours. That’s how I first learned about Romabio Paints. She and her husband had just received their paint order & share it on their IG story. I can’t wait to hang out with her & do some antique shopping. Anyway, that’s another blog post 🙂

I also spent some time researching about exterior painting on You Tube & Pinterest. Once I felt that we were capable of taking on this project, I felt comfortable about using Romabio paint. I loved that it’s a mineral paint that is is made from natural ingredients, toxin free & has a 20 year warranty. Mineral based paints on brick and masonry allow the brick to breath, and the natural ingredients calcify to it creating a long-lasting paint surface that is extremely durable, and won’t peel, chip or flake off.

On the other hand, Acrylic paint, which is petroleum based, is more like plastic. It will not bond to the surface in the same way, and it will eventually begin to chip and peel off. It looks shiny, as it is not a natural, mineral product.

You can learn all about their paints here!

We used two 4 gallon containers of paint for our entire home. They cost about $250 each which sounds expensive until you realize how much you save by DIYing and not having the maintenance that standard paint gives you & saving on contractor cost. You can pay friends or family instead & still save!

How to help find Romabio & Pick out Color

You can find the paint at Home Depot or use the store locator on their website. There are also many online Color Visualizers that can help you choosing the right paint color much easier. You can buy you the  Masonry Flat and Masonry Textured on Amazon in 15 tinted colors if you have a hard time finding a store near you.

Gather up supplies

  • Pretty weather ( plan ahead, Check your weather)
  • Choose paint & paint colors
  • Measure the exterior of your home ( walls & siding) to determine how much paint you will need. (Romabio 1 QT. size covers 120 SQ/FT 4 GAL. size covers 1800 SQ/FT)
  • Plan on 2 coats on Everything for better coverage.
  • Paint sprayer ( used on siding mostly)
  • Paint brushes and roller covers appropriate for your surfaces.
  • Ladder appropriate for the height of your house.
  • Drop cloths, plastic sheeting and painter’s tape to protect landscaping, windows, doors, and light fixtures.
  • Pressure washer.
  • Old clothes you don’t mind getting paint on.
  • Paint gloves to keep your hands from getting paint on them.
  • Gather as much help as possible. Call your friends & family. You can pay them too. You will save so much money by hiring them, then hiring a contractor.
  • Have delivery sent to you from your favorite restaurants during this process! We ate lots of stuffed Pizza. Yum 🙂

Painting the Siding

I have to mention that if your house has part siding you will have to use a different type of paint. Our house is part brick & part siding. We had to buy 2 types of paint to make sure we painted everything correctly.

Washing the vinyl is best done with a pressure washer.

We went with the Benjamin Moore Exterior Regal paint in the shade Avario White.

Prep your House

The main thing is taping off any light fixture , Trim ( we did not because we are going to paint eventually) & block windows with plastic to avoid paint getting on them.


It might seem like you won’t be able to get it all done but if we can get it done with 4 kids you can too. I’m always here to support you and help you do this . Feel free to leave me any questions that you have. I’m happy to help.

Your Home Friend,

Cynthia 🙂

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