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I know!!! I know it sounds a bit scary or even crazy to think we would even consider to paint our wood floors a creamy white.  When I first got this crazy idea to paint our wood floors & share this exciting home project my husband literally left the conversation. Complete silence!!  Funny right?  It was the craziest idea he had ever heard in his entire life!!!!!! 

I first saw this idea from one my favorite bloggers,  Liz Marie.  She shared a blog post about how they did there’s and of course,  if you follow me over on Instagram, you know that I tend to do things that sound absolutely bizarre & crazy!!! There I said it….! I knew that it would give our home the White Farmhouse feel that I simply love.

I immediately got to it & started doing some research on this concept and I have say I got even more excited. I also research some other homes that had painted their wood floors to make sure I would have no regrets!!!! I have to this day after3 years, zero regrets!!!

I could not wait to get started on this project.  I knew it would give our home a whole new look without it becoming an expensive home project.  It would be just require convincing my husband,  purchasing some gallons of paint and a full weekend!


When we bought our home, the floors were a dark walnut color.  I really wanted to expose the wood underneath the stain to bring out a more natural color.  I convinced my husband to take on this project.  We didn’t know anything about this process.  We only got some information from You Tube videos.  We rented a floor sander from Home Depot and everything else we needed.  We tackled a total of 3 rooms that weekend.    They only lasted for about a year.  And then why you might be wondering did I want to paint them white?? Well because painted floors to me are classic and beautiful.


If you are wondering if you need to sand.  No!! I say save yourself time and skip this step and the primer should do the bonding. This is just my opinion!


Before we got started, we moved everything out of our living room.  Then, I used a rag with soap and water  and went around the baseboards to get any dust or debris out of the way.  Then, I mopped the entire floor with warm soap and water.  Make sure to let it dry.


Paint Primer ( we used Kilz)

Paint (we used Valspar Porch, Patio, Floor latex paint.  The color Tapestry Beige)

Finish (Parks Pro Finisher Water Based Polyurethane for floors)

Paint brush and roller with low nap


I used painters tape around the perimeter of the baseboards.  I love to use 3M Scotch Blue for any paint projects.  It is so easy to work with.


I first gave the entire floor a coating of Kiltz primer.  Once that was dry, I began to paint around the baseboard.  Once I was done painting around the perimeter, I got starting to paint with the roller.  We gave the living room a total of two coats of paint.  Make sure you let them dry well in between.  Once the second coat was dry, we start the process of sealing our floor with the water based polyurethane. We let it dry for several hours and then we went back and gave it another coat.  After two coats, we let it dry for 24 hours before we started to move back all the furniture.


So glad we did it.  I was obsessed.  The living room looked fresh and airy.  It even looked so much brighter. I knew that I would be painting more rooms in the future.

If you want to give your old floors a new look , then definetly consider this project!!




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