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Hey Friend! I hope you are having an amazing week so far. Today I wanted to share with you how I repurposed an old vintage desk and turned them into a pair of nightstands.

Facebook Marketplace and Offer Up are your friend

I love to use Facebook Marketplace to look for unique pieces of furniture that I can use in our home. There are so many reasons why I use and constantly an on there search for home décor items. One reason is a lot of the furniture and most home décor items are priced at a cheaper price than you would find at retail stores or furniture stores. Another main reason I search on there is because I find items that are unique and beautiful. No matter what your decor style, you will find something that you will love for your home. It just takes time and searching for the perfect piece to get listed! Here is a list of some more apps that you can use to buy and sell furniture online:

6 Websites to Buy & Sell Used, Secondhand Furniture – SheKnows

I got an Idea

We needed to finish our master bedroom and we needed a pair of small end tables or nightstands. So I started looking on Marketplace to see if I got lucky and found a set that I would love. For a while I found nothing that interested me. I had seen a pair of old vintage nightstands that I thought would be perfect but they were a bit too pricey. It wasn’t a bad thing however because it gave me an idea. The nightstands looked as if they had come off an old desk or vanity. What I was looking for :

$700 on Etsy

The look I was kind of going for not exact but something very similar.

I started to look for an antique desk or vanity. I had seen a pair of old vintage nightstands that you could easily use as living room end tables but they were too pricey for me. It seemed as though they were taken apart from an old desk or vanity. That is how I got the idea that I needed change my original search. There were way more options to choose from. Think outside the box when it comes to furniture. I have used furniture throughout my home that is intended for one purpose but I use it for something completely different. I got lucky and found the perfect piece to do this DIY. I found an old vintage desk was listed for $50.

Here is a photo of it when I went to pick it up!

Used Circular Saw

The first thing we did was use a circular saw to cut the two sections that would be the nightstands. We cut the middle section of the desk. Once we cut both sides of the middle of the desk, the two end tables became separated. I hope you can see from the picture above were my vision came from!

The circular saw made this project so easy. Here is the link to the Circular saw we used.

Sanded the Nightstands

The next thing was sand them. I wanted to get all the way down to the natural color of the wood. I started with 60 grit and got to work. I used a palm sander to help make this process go by quicker. I went thru the entire nightstand and I could not believe how light it was turning out. This is the wood color I was aiming for. For the leg area I had to sand by hand because of the detail the wood legs had. After the 60 grit , I moved on to the 100 grit. Lastly, I finished of with 150 grit. I did this process to both of the nightstands.

Changed the Knobs

The last thing that I need to do was change the handles that it originally came with. Hobby Lobby has a huge selection and they are often 50% off every other week. Check your local one for details. These are the simple handles I decided to go with. It added the perfect Vintage touch I was going for.

Now on to the my favorite and last step : Styling them!!!!! Yay

I will soon be writing a post on several ways you can style a nightstand table in your bedroom to give you a cozy and simple look. But for now I want to encourage you to think outside the box. Furnishing your home does not have to be expensive. This is one way you can add both a unique piece and yet so affordable.


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