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Hey !!!!! I have some exciting news to share today with you. It has been a long time coming but I am finally happy to announce that our master bathroom is finished!!!!! Whooo Hooooo

We worked on it on our spare time. Having four kids, things get done rather slowly but we manage to eventually get the projects done!

Okay now to the most exciting part : before and after pictures with details on everything we did to transform it!

So if you are ready to transform your bathroom on a budget, then you want to read all the details!!!!

Bath Before

Bathroom After

Start with the Tub & Tile

The first thing we did was to change the color of our bathtub & tile. You can read all about it here incase you missed my post on everything we did to do this process. You can scroll below to see how it looked before& you can see the drastic difference a tile & tub refinishing kit did!

Refresh by painting the walls

The next thing we did was paint our entire bathroom. The color we use was Swiss Coffee by Behr. I have used this color in so many rooms already. Its my absolute favorite. Its a very creamy white. I just love it because its a very soft white if you know what I mean

Added Wallpaper

This was I think my favorite part of the entire project….okay everything was my favorite but I just love using wallpaper. If you want to change the look of a boring space in your home, consider wallpaper. You will be so surprised to see the huge impact it makes for a low price. I think it adds texture and depth to any room. We used it in our master bedroom. You can check out the wallpaper we used here. The wallpaper we used for our bathroom was from Livettets Wallpaper! You can check out their other available wallpapers here!

Added the Trim

We bought the trim at Home depot. There are a few you can choose from. I love how the trim gave the wall a nice clean finish. The top part of the wall is wallpaper, then trim, and the DIY sharpie shiplap for the bottom part of the wall!

Hung Light Fixture

We got our light fixtured installed. The light fixture we got was from ………. It was also budget friendly. You can check it out here if you are wanting to change your bathroom vanity light fixture.


You can find our sink faucet here.


I love this Farmhouse Pivot Mirror. Its beautiful and so affordable. You can find it here.

Installed Vanity

Okay so this vanity I found on Facebook Marketplace & paid $70. It was an old antique dry sink.

My husband thought I was crazy to even think that this antique dry sink could even be used in our bathroom as a vanity. Our bathroom is not a huge master bathroom & we don’t have enough space for added storage.

My goal with this dry sink was to keep as much drawer space while successfully having the water pipes fit inside it !!! We had to do some trimming for each drawer so the water drain and hose lines would fit perfectly into the cabinet. You can see below pictures of how we managed to get this cabinet to work. Moral of the story: Shop marketplace for a possible vanity. Look for an antique dresser or cabinet!! So if you are trying to cut cost in any makeover, buy used furniture!!! Some vanities were almost $1000……no thanks !


We went with a vessel sink that would sit on top of the vanity. I loved the one we bought from Wayfair. It was just the right size for our small bathroom & it was so cheap!!!! Check it out here!

Light Fixture

Here is a similar light fixture.

Painted the Floor Tile

I love paint!!! It has the power to transform any room. I have painted some floors in our home already. I always use Porch and Patio paint by Behr. You can have it tinted in any color. All through out our home, I have always used the same color for our walls. I wanted to keep it balanced in the bathroom since a small bathroom and I didn’t want to make it look so busy. I got it tinted in the shade Swiss Coffee

Stenciled Tile

Okay this was so much fun!!! I loved that it totally change of the entire bathroom. I try to think of ways we can save cost, time, and energy. I had seen this pretty floral pattern tile at Home Depot but I didn’t want to go thru the hassle of removing our existing tile and invest in changing it. I had seen other home owners stencil floors. I thought that this would be both fun and easy to do. I ordered mine thru Walmart. There are so many design options that I’m sure to find and love for a future floor project!!!


We place two small shelves right above the toilet. I found these at Ikea. Ikea has lots of bathroom decor and items. Be sure to not forget to check them out!

Gallery Wall

The final touch that our bathroom needed was a touch of vintage. I love to add old antique items into a space. I love antique wall art. It gives a room just the right balance between modern with a touch of old vintage.

I hope you loved the bathroom reveal. I’d love to know your thoughts in comments!